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seeking to enrich the minds and portfolios of millenial investors of all experience levels.

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We offer engaging and entertaining education at how to build long-term wealth and tame your inner WallStJunky.

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The duo has more than 10 years of combined analytics and market research experience.

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From retail investors, to institutional professionals, and even entrepreneurs, we cover any perspective you need to hear.

Co-founder of WallStJunky, Podcast Host

Joshua Lutkemuller

Joshua Lutkemuller, CFA earned his Bachelors and Masters in Economics from Texas A&M and is also a CFA charterholder. Josh served 6 years in the Army National Guard and spent 3.5 years at a large banking in their Capital Markets division. Josh started as an analyst where he analyzed and executed debt transactions to help future facilitate liquidity for the organization. Afterwards, he transitioned to the role of Mortgage-Backed Securities Trader where he was responsible for hedging a $15B residential loan portfolio using TBAs and other various derivative instruments. He recently transitioned out of Corporate America and is now a full-time 26 year old entrepreneur working as an investor for Paramount Real Estate, Inc. and managing his stock portfolio valued at $300k. 

Josh has always been infatuated with the investment process and has found that the winning strategy is one that is centered around tangible financial goals and is implemented using a simplistic, long-term holistic approach. His passion is to inspire millennials to take responsibility for their financial future and help educate on topics such as investing, personal finance, economics, and real estate.

“Time in the market is better than timing the market.”

Co-founder of WallStJunky, Podcast Host

Brandon Young

Brandon A. Young is a Senior Analyst and Co-Founder of WallStJunky, where he executes, coordinates, leads, trains, develops, fosters and creates for the WallStJunky brand and community. Brandon has worked as an Intelligence Analyst working all purpose intelligence with specific training in Electronic Warfare Integration and Military Deception Planners course. Brandon was a Master Trainer during the COVID-19 Mission working with the South Texas Regional Response Committee for call center operations and data management and has most recently served as the Program Manager for the Joint Forces Headquarters for the Texas Army National Guard, managing accounts for all new equipment fielding and training for the State of Texas. Currently finishing his 6th year in service, Brandon has two more years in service before transitioning to civilian life. Brandon Young provides a trained and unique perspective analyzing information and information conduits in the market.

Brandon enjoys spending time with his family and listening to podcasts in his free time. Brandon can be reached at brandonyoung.austin@gmail.com for any questions or affiliate conversations.

“In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things.”

Technical Director at WallStJunky

Ben Chen

Ben Chen is currently a high school senior studying in California. He organizes WallStJunky’s technical matters. This includes designing the WallStJunky website, moderating the Discord server, editing Youtube and Spotify podcasts, and managing social media accounts. Ben has recently started his own investing portfolio, and he is eager to learn everything about the stock market.

During work time, you can find him researching optimal website designs and video-editing tutorials. When he is free, he loves music, books, TV shows and games. If you have any technical difficulties or relevant question, you can join the Discord Server and send him a message, or add him directly at Ben Ten#2998.

“True strength is not the complete riddance of tears, but the optimism for the future after wiping them away.”

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