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Professional and Experienced Investment Analysts

Looking to start Investing? You've Come to The Right Place

WallStJunky is a podcast and community founded by two veterans and is centered around common sense investing and responsible financial decision making for the younger generation. WallStJunky is hosted by Joshua Lutkemuller, CFA and Brandon Young with episodes and other content released weekly. Topics discussed in this community include financial markets, personal finance, behavioral finance, long-term investing, and real estate. The intent behind each piece of content released is to make our listeners more competent and rational in the markets.

10+ Years of Experience

The podcast hosts have over 10+ years combined experience of analyzing the market.

Successful History

The hosts have managed and overseen multi-million funds and continue to look for ways to refine their strategy.

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Our Podcast Coverage

The right way to invest

We strongly believe that the time-tested approach to investing is one centered around simplicity, supported by fundamentals, and avoids speculation traps.


We are constantly exploring ways to gain exposure to the Crypto world while still maintaining a risk profile that is representative of a diversified portfolio strategy.

Index Funds/ETF

Index Fends & ETFs offer a diversified, transparent investment vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a financial advisor or mutual fund, making it the ultimate investment for the masses.

Long Term Investing

WallStJunky believes that establishing a strategy that focuses on long-term wealth building while keeping emotional biases at bay is crucial for investors of all age groups.

Personal Finance

An investment approach must rely on discipline and consistency, which results from establishing a budget and good spending habits.

Real Estate

Real Estate is an asset that every investor SHOULD have exposure to, and thanks to REITs, real estate is accessible now more than ever.

Stock Analysis

WallStJunky is passionate about educating its listerners on fundamental investing approach which is dependent on picking companies with quality earnings and balance sheets.

Interactive Education

Aside from the hosts, we periodically invite professional and aspiring investors alike to the podcast and share their perspectives. We also answer questions asked from the community, so be sure to let us know your inquiries!

WallStJunky Episodes

We Look At The Market Differently

What Our Listeners Say

As a new investor, WallStJunky was a terrific resource that I utilized to develop a deeper understanding of financial markets.
United States
Josh Lutkemuller is a 26 year old investor who has quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to building long term wealth. His understanding of the economy and his desire to be financially free is truly astounding to see at such a young age. The sky is the limit for Josh, and I know he will go above and beyond.
David Cannon
United States
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